advice (n.) 1
consideration, reflection, deliberation
2H6 II.ii.68 [York to Warwick and Salisbury, of becoming king] that's not suddenly to be performed / But with advice and silent secrecy
Cym I.ii.87 [Queen to Cymbeline] make yourself some comfort / Out of your best advice
H5 II.ii.43 [King Henry to Exeter, of an offender] on his more advice we pardon him [i.e. on his thinking better of it]
KJ III.iv.11 [Lewis the Dauphin to King Philip, of England's victory] So hot a speed, with such advice disposed ... / Doth want example
MM V.i.461 [Provost to Duke] I ... did repent me after more advice
MV IV.ii.6 [Gratiano to Portia as Balthasar] My Lord Bassanio upon more advice / Hath sent you here this ring
TG II.iv.205 [Proteus alone, of Silvia] How shall I dote on her with more advice, / That thus without advice begin to love her!
TG III.i.73 [Duke to Valentine, of Silvia] this pride of hers, / Upon advice, hath drawn my love from her
Tit I.i.382 [Marcus to Titus] The Greeks upon advice did bury Ajax
Tit IV.i.91 [Marcus to all] we will prosecute by good advice / Mortal revenge upon these traitorous Goths
TS I.i.114 [Hortensio to Gremio, of their rivalry for Bianca] upon advice, it toucheth us both ... to labour and effect one thing specially