cross (v.) 1
prevent, thwart, forestall
3H6 III.ii.127 [Richard alone, of Edward] from his loins no hopeful branch may spring, / To cross me from the golden time I look for!
Cym III.v.163 [Pisanio alone, of Cloten] This fool's speed / Be crossed with slowness
KJ III.i.91 [Constance to King Philip, of women hoping not to give birth on the wedding anniversary] Lest that their hopes prodigiously be crossed
LLL IV.iii.216 [Berowne to all, of being in love] We cannot cross the cause why we were born
LLL V.ii.138 [Princess to Katharine, of the King's party] The effect of my intent is to cross theirs
MA II.ii.3 [Borachio to Don John, of Claudio's marriage] I can cross it
MND I.i.150 [Hermia to Lysander] If then true lovers have ever been crossed / It stands as an edict in destiny
MV III.i.19 [Solanio to Salerio] Let me say amen betimes lest the devil cross my prayer [also: sense 4, 5]
MW IV.v.117 [Mistress Quickly to Falstaff, of Falstaff and Mistress Ford] one of you does not serve heaven well, that you are so crossed
MW V.v.36 [Falstaff alone, of the devil] He would never else cross me thus
RJ V.iii.20 [Paris to himself, of someone approaching] To cross my obsequies and true love's rite
Sonn 90.2 [] the world is bent my deeds to cross [or: sense 2]
TG [Proteus alone] I'll quickly cross ... Thurio's dull proceeding
TNK III.i.98 [Arcite to Palamon] Enter your muset, lest this match between's / Be crossed ere met
Ven 734 [Venus to Adonis, of Cynthia] she [hath] bribed the Destinies / To cross the curious workmanship of Nature