commend (v.) 1
convey greetings, present kind regards
2H4 II.ii.119 [Prince Henry to Poins, reading Falstaff's letter] I commend me to thee, I commend thee, and I leave thee
2H4 III.ii.59 [Bardolph to Shallow] My captain, sir, commends him to you
3H6 V.ii.42 [Somerset to Warwick, reporting Montague's last words] Commend me to my valiant brother
AW II.ii.60 [Countess to Clown] Commend me to my kinsmen and my son
AYL IV.iii.92 [Oliver to Rosalind as Ganymede and Celia as Aliena] Orlando doth commend him to you both
Cor III.ii.135 [Coriolanus to Volumnia] Commend me to my wife
E3 I.ii.19 [King David to Lorraine] to our brother of France / Commend us
E3 IV.ii.37 [Percy to King Edward] The Queen, my lord, commends her to your grace
H5 IV.i.25 [King Henry to Gloucester and Bedford] Commend me to the princes in our camp
H5 [Exeter to King Henry] The Duke of York commends him to your majesty
H8 II.i.86 [Buckingham to Lovell, of King Henry] Commend me to his grace
Ham I.v.183 [Hamlet to Horatio and Marcellus] With all my love I do commend me to you
Ham V.ii.191 [Lord to Hamlet] his majesty commended him to you by young Osrick
JC II.iv.44 [Portia to Lucius] Run, Lucius, and commend me to my lord
JC IV.iii.302 [Brutus to Varro and Claudius] Go, and commend me to my brother Cassius
KJ V.iv.40 [Melun to Salisbury] Commend me to one Hubert, with your King
LLL I.i.185 [Dull to Berowne] Signeour Arm-, Arm-, commends you
Luc 1308 [Lucrece, ending her letter to Collatine] So, I commend me, from our house in grief
MA I.i.255 [Don Pedro to Benedick, of Leonato] commend me to him and tell him I will not fail him at supper
MM I.iv.88 [Isabella to Lucio] Commend me to my brother
MM III.ii.66 [Lucio to Pompey] Commend me to the prison
MND III.i.181 [Bottom to Peaseblossom] I pray you commend me to Mistress Squash
MV III.ii.232 [Salerio to Bassanio] Signor Antonio / Commends him to you
MV IV.i.270 [Antonio to Bassanio] Commend me to your honourable wife
MW II.ii.127 [Falstaff to Mistress Quickly, of Mistress Ford and Mistress Page] Fare thee well; commend me to them both
MW II.ii.89 [Falstaff to Mistress Quickly, of Mistress Ford] Woman, commend me to her.
Oth V.ii.126 [Desdemona to Emilia] Commend me to my kind lord
R2 I.ii.62 [Duchess of Gloucester to John of Gaunt] Commend me to thy brother, Edmund York
R2 II.i.147 [Northumberland to King Richard] old Gaunt commends him to your majesty
R3 III.i.181 [Richard to Catesby] Commend me to Lord William
R3 III.ii.8 [Messenger to Hastings, of Stanley] he commends him to your noble self
R3 IV.v.6 [Derby to Urswick] So, get thee gone; commend me to thy lord
RJ II.iv.168 [Romeo to Nurse] commend me to thy lady and mistress
RJ III.iii.155 [Friar Laurence to Nurse] Commend me to thy lady
RJ III.iv.9 [Paris to Lady Capulet] Commend me to your daughter
TC III.i.143 [Helen to Pandarus] Commend me to your niece
TC III.i.66 [Pandarus to Helen, of Troilus] commends himself most affectionately to you
TC IV.v.180 [Hector to Menelaus, of Helen] She's well, but bade me not commend her to you
TG I.i.144 [Speed to Proteus] I'll commend you to my master
TG II.iv.121 [Proteus to Valentine] Your friends are well, and have them much commended.
Tim I.i.109 [Timon to Messenger, of Ventidius] Commend me to him
Tim II.i.18 [Senator to Caphis, of what Timon might say] Commend me to your master
Tim II.ii.195 [Timon to Servants, of Lucullus and Sempronius] Commend me to their loves
Tim III.ii.28 [Lucius to Servilius] Commend me to thy honourable virtuous lord
Tim III.ii.53 [Lucius to Servilius] Commend me bountifully to his good lordship
Tim V.i.192 [Timon to senators] Commend me to my loving countrymen
TNK V.iv.31 [Palamon to Gaoler, of Gaoler's Daughter] Commend me to her
TS IV.iii.164 [Hortensio to Tailor] Away, I say, commend me to thy master