look (v.) 1
expect, anticipate, hope, await the time
1H6 I.i.38 [Winchester to Gloucester] thou art Protector / And lookest to command the Prince and realm
2H4 I.ii.41 [Falstaff to Page, of his tailor] I looked 'a should have sent me two-and-twenty yards of satin
H8 V.i.117 [King Henry to Cranmer] I looked / You would have given me your petition
KL I.i.295 [Gonerill to Regan, of Lear] must we look from his age to receive ... unruly waywardness
R2 I.iii.243 [John of Gaunt to King Richard] I looked when some of you should say / I was too strict
Sonn 22.4 [] when in thee time's furrows I behold, / Then look I death my days should expiate
Tem V.i.293 [Prospero to Caliban] As you look / To have my pardon
Tit III.i.200 [Aaron to Titus] Look by and by to have thy sons with thee